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Authentic Movement


Yoga is the art and science of living. Its deepest teachings are intended to be incorporated into daily life. Yoga encompasses
all aspects of our existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The word Yoga is derived from ancient Sanskrit and
means "union" or "oneness". With Yoga, we aim to unify all aspects of ourselves, bringing our whole being into harmony.
When the body, mind, and spirit are in confluence, we can be with life as it is in the moment. We can experience
acceptance, contentment, and liberation.

"I look at my time with Ricki as a gift. More than just teaching yoga, Ricki teaches methods that are applicable to my everyday life." - Jeff, Venture Capitalist

KUNDALINI YOGA CLASS (once a month / women only)

This is a special opportunity to gather with other women, share together, do transformative yoga together, and then connect over tea and snacks.

In each session we do a specific yoga set and meditation to reach a specific goal; whether it's creating prosperity, enhancing intuition, releasing anger, improving memory or one of hundreds of other specifically tailored sets. Each gathering is a workshop in and of itself and while single attendance is welcomed, deeper benefits come from ongoing participation.

Once/month gatherings (exact dates tbd monthly)
Tuesdays 6:45-9:15
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Reservations are required as space is limited.
No experience in Kundalini Yoga is necessary.

"Ricki's Kundalini Yoga classes are challenging, soulful, and truly transformative. Her knowledge and insights are ever present guides that uplift and inspire." - Cheryl, Massage Therapist

"Practicing Kundalini Yoga under Ricki's guidance and experience has brought awareness to my spirit. As I keep practicing Kundalini Yoga with Ricki, I feel assured that my inner truth is guiding the choices in my life." - Barbara, Scientist and Herbalist

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for more information and next gathering date.

~ Personalized sessions, tailored to your needs ~

Private yoga sessions focus on your individual needs and personal practice. Whether you are a brand new beginner, have a condition or constraint that requires special care, or are a regular practitioner wishing to improve alignment and advance your practice, I will tailor each session just for you.

"Before I took yoga with Ricki, I thought I wasn't the "yoga type". I had tried but always felt out of place. With Ricki it was totally different; I immediately felt comfortable ... her voice was both soothing and encouraging and she explained things clearly as we went along. I found myself going beyond my previous limitations. Ricki brings a unique non-judgementalness mixed with challenge that I personally responded to. I have learned that indeed I am the yoga type and that is truly life expanding." - Judy, Artist

With over 25 years of experience as a yoga practitioner, I offer a uniquely integrated and holistic approach combining anatomical alignment principles to help you safely enter and explore each posture, heart-opening language and inspirational dialogue to help you deepen and expand your awareness, and the principles of mind-body healing for total balance and integration. With years of professional level training and daily practice in both Hatha and Kundalini styles of yoga, I have a wealth of tools, knowledge and experience to draw from and share with you. I deeply believe that "learning yoga on the mat helps us to live yoga off the mat."

So whether it's to de-stress and find greater peace of mind (and finally learn how to meditate), to improve your strength and flexibility, to gain specific health goals, or simply to "feel better," I am ready and able to help you reach your goals and possibly a whole lot more!

"Ricki is a uniquely talented teacher and I feel fortunate to have found her. She provides a calm and supportive environment yet challenges me to keep improving. Ricki tailors each session to my needs and abilities (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) in a caring and intuitive way. I may arrive stressed with an aching body, but I leave full of energy for all of life's possibilities... Ricki will open your mind and body and perhaps change your life!" - Norah, 50 year old, Mother, Ex-wall Streeter

Fees for Private Yoga Sessions:

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for more information about private yoga and to schedule a session.


Yoga Therapy is the therapeutic application of yoga for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. In Yoga Therapy, specific yoga and meditation practices are given to achieve specific results. Yoga Therapy is at the forefront of body-mind-spirit healing.

While there are several yoga traditions I incorporate in Yoga Therapy sessions, for addressing mental/emotional issues, I find the technology of Kundalini Yoga to be the most powerfully, profoundly, and rapidly healing. Kundalini Yoga uses codified combinations of physical movements/postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, and meditations that work synergistically to activate the body’s own healing and self-regulatory systems to achieve targeted results. Kundalini Yoga elicits profound bio-physiological change, balancing and harmonizing all bodily and energetic systems, particularly respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems, which in turn, directly affect mind, mood and emotions.

Yoga Therapy using Kundalini Yoga can alleviate anxiety and depression, can help you deal better with stress and conflict, and can help fundamentally with anger-issues, fear, addictions, trauma, grief, memory loss, insomnia and self-esteem, to name just some of the arenas it can affect.

Kundalini Yoga Therapy has been used effectively (and some may say, miraculously) in creating prosperity for oneself, improving intuition, enhancing creativity, and even invoking happiness!

"Each Kundalini Yoga Therapy session I've had with Ricki has been for me a quieting revelation of me to me. The coming together of the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga with the "talking it out" nature of traditional psychotherapy are empowered by each other, resulting in effectively and gently helping me reduce stress, quiet my mind and heal my heart." - Deirdre, Mother

Fees for Yoga Therapy:

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for additional information or to schedule an initial yoga therapy session.


Kundalini Yoga is based on ancient (and previously esoteric) yoga and meditation techniques that elicit systemic healing to gain and maintain a healthy body, a calm mind, and a balanced and stable emotional system. Using postures (asana), breath (pranayam), meditation, sound (mantra), rhythmic motion, and specific hand positions (mudra) which stimulate the respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems, Kundalini Yoga takes us through a process of transformation. Cleaning and clearing away old habits and self-limiting beliefs, Kundalini Yoga brings us to a place of expanded capacity and perspective. Kundalini Yoga has been called a “technology of the mind.” It is said that Kundalini Yoga is the fastest route to enlightenment.

What differentiates Kundalini Yoga from other yogas lies in its technology; its codified use of mantra, mudra, and breath, with asana, and its use of energy, motion, and flow to get specific results. Kundalini Yoga is a science of vibration, a science of energetic transformation. More than any other form of yoga, Kundalini Yoga goes deeply into the respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems to create change in our emotional, mental and energetic bodies in addition to our physical body.

Yogi Bhajan first brought Kundalini Yoga to the West from India in the 1960s. I have had the honor of studying over the past 11 years in India, LA and NY, with his proteges Ghurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, and Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, and with master teacher Hari Kar Khalsa, and most recently under the guidance and tutelage of Yoga Therapist, Healer and Master Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Dharam Singh Khalsa, as part of his multi-year, professional-level Kundalini Yoga Therapy training program.

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