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Authentic Movement

Are you walking around carrying unneeded tension and pain?
Do you feel stressed too much of the time?
Are you more reactive than responsive?
It doesn't need to be so --

Let me teach you effective methods for stress reduction and relaxation - you will gain skills that are invaluable in these demanding times. Through breath-work, meditation, and gentle stretching, I will help you relax and renew.

Each session is PERSONALIZED and TAILOR-MADE to meet your needs and goals.

- Reduce stress, tension and pain;
- Learn how to relax;
- Improve digestion, sleep and concentration;
- Cope better with daily pressures as well as crises;
- Gain more energy, vitality and "glow".

Three programs available (and can be combined):


Time spent going within is truly a gift. Meditation helps calm the mind and quiet the ups and downs of hope and fear. It becomes a foundation to live our lives with greater equanimity, compassion, and the ability to be with what is. Meditation practice increases awareness, focus, creativity, and insight, making space for more reflective responses and thoughtful communication (especially when under pressure!). This program includes guided instruction in meditation, breath-work, and visualization. Ricki will help you work with life's challenges and develop a centeredness and presence that will enhance your experience of daily living.


Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential for our health and well-being. In this program we will use meditation techniques, breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and deep relaxation to quiet anxiety, focus the mind, and create a sense of well-being and peace. Ricki will use restorative yoga postures to invite the body and the mind to release tensions, and she will assist and support you in cultivating calm, balance, and renewed energy in your life. If you suffer from fatigue, stress, or burnout, this program is for you.


Medical Meditations are specific meditations given to achieve targeted bio-psycho-emotional results. Each Medical Meditation has a clinically precise physiological effect on the respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems. Stress, depression, anxiety, fear, confusion, isolation, and many other painful bio-psycho-emotional states can be greatly altered and healed.

Medical Meditation consists of four unique attributes:
1- specific breathing patterns;
2- special postures and movements, including exact positioning of the hands and fingers;
3- particular mantras consisting of distinct, vibratory sounds; and
4- a unique mental focus.

The specific combination of these attributes prescribed in any given Medical Meditation creates a synergistic effect which endows Medical Meditation with more power to create change and healing than standard meditation.

"Doing the daily meditation Ricki taught me has eased my anxiety. I feel my head decompress and my energy renewed. Things that had really toppled me over before, now I am gliding through."
- Debbie, Family Coordinator

Fees for Stress Management Sessions:
Individuals: $150/hour
Groups and Corporate: tbd

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 to make an appointment.

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