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Dance Therapy


Dance Therapy uses dance, movement, play, and body-oriented inquiry to inspire the body, mind, and spirit for a greater sense of wholeness, harmony, and freedom. Dance Therapy has helped clients find joy and self-acceptance, increase energy and vitality, strengthen self-esteem, enhance body image, instill a sense of trust in oneself and in the world, explore relationship patterns and reconnect with their natural spontaneity, to name a few. Dance Therapy engages the creative source inherent in all of us and so each session becomes a magical unfolding of co-creation.

"Dance Therapy sessions helped me to begin to unlock the shackles which had imprisoned my spirit. Ricki gently and patiently challenged me to challenge myself with new perceptions of both who I was, and how I fit into the world. Ricki's very essence exudes an energy filled with creativity, joy, and understanding. I always felt safe and very welcomed. Dance Therapy became for me a safe haven for free-spirited expression, which allowed me to mentally and emotionally take a very deep cleansing breath. With Ricki's help, I was able to explore and celebrate the beauty of my own soul."
- Tanya, Business Owner


Individual sessions are available for those interested in using Dance Therapy as a form of psychotherapy or simply to further personal growth. Dance Therapy uses the body to inform and enhance the therapy process, bringing material stored in the body out from the unconscious, to witness, work with and transform. Sessions are always a co-created journey, set within the context of safety and open communication.

Fees for individual Dance Therapy:

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for additional information or to schedule an initial consultation.


Supervision is available for alternate route, Masters level students, and DTRs seeking advanced registry.

Specializing in:

DMT with adults of all diagnoses.
Honing your clinical and professional skills.
Career development and coaching.

"In dance/movement therapy supervision, Ricki provided me with the support, experience and knowledge I needed to complete my ADTR and to further develop my skills as a therapist. Ricki's sincere nature and generosity were invaluable as she helped me to identify and move toward my career goals." - Leslie, Dance Therapist/Yoga Teacher

Fees for Supervision/Career Development:

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 to discuss and to schedule a session.


Consultation is available for clinicians wishing to incorporate elements of Dance Therapy into their practice, or who have particular cases with which they would like support.

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 to discuss details and fees.

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