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Authentic Movement


Authentic Movement is a body-based form of self-inquiry and discovery in which movers move with eyes closed in the presence of a witness, contacting the inner impulse to move and be moved. In Authentic Movement, the miraculous materials of our lives, stored deep within our bodies, are allowed to surface, be explored, expressed, and embraced. In this process of waiting for what authentically unfolds, one's true nature is brought to light. As the body finds form for the expression of what is at first formless, integration is promoted and personal consciousness evolves.

Creating an environment of safety, trust and space for free self-expression is the focus of our work together.

"In her Authentic Movement groups, Ricki creates a sense of spacious safety, giving me the priceless opportunity to develop new ways of experiencing myself and explore connecting with others in increasingly meaningful ways. As an artist, Authentic Movement has provided me with a medium I am not as comfortable working with, and subsequently, has proven to be profoundly illuminating."
- Mary, Art Therapist


Individual Authentic Movement is a form of body-based psychotherapy that can be deeply transformational, helping you to descend into your own personal wellspring of wisdom and to abide in what is true for you. Authentic Movement helps to gain clarity and understanding of life issues, to encounter your life with greater presence and authenticity, and to feel more alive in your body, more grounded in your stance, and more free in your expression.

"As a psychotherapist, I spend most of my time processing in a cognitive manner. Authentic movement allows my body to become engaged in the dialogue. This gives my mind permission to stop chattering and helps me become more attentive to the underlying messages and stories laying dormant beneath the surface. In Authentic Movement, I have learned how to feel deeply into the needs of my body without question or judgment and to trust that I will experience all that is necessary in that moment."
- Jeanne, Psychotherapist

No previous experience in dance or Authentic Movement is needed.

Fees for individual Authentic Movement sessions:

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for additional information or to schedule an initial consultation.


Authentic Movement is a form that deepens and unfolds with time, and this process within the context of an ongoing group provides a profound opportunity to explore, experiment and express yourself within a safe and supportive environment. In this safe space you can experience deep connection with your self while being supported by a group of other women who are on the same path toward truth and wholeness. In our group, community is built and insight, integration, and transformation take place both individually and collectively.

"Being a part of Ricki's Authentic Movement group for over six years has truly been transformative. She holds the space with love and light that allows all that needs to be seen to come forth and be gently held with respect and attention. The group has witnessed my ins, outs, ups, downs, and arounds and has carried me through many of life's journeys. I will forever hold this experience in my heart as I continue on my dance through life." - Meghan, Dance Therapist

"Being a member of Ricki’s Authentic Movement group has been such a powerful experience! It has helped me to restore and unlock the joy of moving and has allowed me to see myself and others more deeply. I am very grateful to have this group in my life." - Diana, Yoga Teacher


There are two term-length groups: Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings. The Wednesday group is open to all women; the Sunday group is for women with prior experience in Authentic Movement.

Groups usually open for new members in SEPTEMBER and again in JANUARY, and in MAY for a short summer session. CALL TO FIND OUT WHEN GROUPS OPEN NEXT.

The groups are limited to 8 participants:

  Wednesdays, 6:45-8:45 pm
   Park Slope, Brooklyn

  Sundays, 6:00-8:00 pm
   Park Slope, Brooklyn

Fees for Term Groups:
$400/10-session term

Email Ricki or call 917-748-0288 for additional information or to reserve a spot in upcoming term.

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