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It is with great joy I introduce to you ShantiSpace for Health, Healing and Personal Growth. ShantiSpace was created to offer a spectrum of mind-body healing arts for personal exploration, restoration, and transformation. Shanti means "peace" in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. The sages believed that true healing and transformation take place only in a space of peace. Shantispace is as much a place inside of you as it is a place on earth.

It is my hope that whether you work with me in psychotherapy, yoga, yoga therapy, Authentic Movement, dance therapy, or stress management, you will come to reconnect with your self, live more fully in your body and in your life, and find greater peace of mind, body, and spirit. It is my belief that when the body, mind, and spirit are in alignment, it is as if one has stepped into the currents of grace and a deep sense of peace arises.

Let us journey together and honor this dance of life you've been given.

Om Shanti, Peace

Ricki Grater LCSW, BC-DMT

Ricki Grater LCSW, BC-DMT


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Ricki Grater LCSW, BC-DMT
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY


Ricki Grater

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